A downloadable game for Windows

Your name is Haven.

Haven is a little 8 year old girl with a special and rare mental disorder called timeres otium. Not knowing that it is not actually a mental disorder but a demonic creature that resides in her head, she goes about her life as any other 8 year old would.

It is the year 1950, Haven was getting ready for school when as soon as she stepped out of bed her soul was ripped from the physical world and dragged into the Otherplace. The Otherplace is where the dead go after they have left our physical world. In this Otherplace she is beeing haunted by a demon. She must find her body so she can return back to the normal world.

As soon as she wakes up in the Otherplace, she takes her lantern from her bed and goes through her house (which changed drastically in the otherworld) to find her body. Trying to avoid the demon she makes it, or does she?

AuthorHan Peters
Made withUnity
Tagsalone, cheap, Dark, Horror, scary, Unity

Install instructions

Here are the download and installation steps;

- Download the file

- Extract it anywhere

- make sure that the .exe and the data folder are in the same folder

- (double)click the .exe to play


Timeres Otium 1.0.7z 43 MB